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Creativity - Action - Service

Diploma candidates . . . here is everything you need to fulfill your Creativity, Action, & Service (CAS) component of the program.  More importantly, it will help you engage in a meaningful, growing experience.  Keep the following two items in mind as you read through the documentation and complete your activities.  (1) The first is to document the activities you engage in as part of your CAS requirement. (2) Secondly, you should strive to engage in new activities.

Access the CAS Manager!  This is an on-line system used by students and the IB Coordinator to log and track all CAS activities. System accounts are created only after students have drafted a CAS plan and presented it to the IB Coordinator. This is usually done in conjunction with the start of the ToK course (2nd sem., junior year).
CAS Handbook - Fairview specific CAS guidance and instruction
Activity Supervisor / Sponsor Evaluation Form - you will need these signed for each of your CAS activities
CAS Learning Outcomes
How to write a good activity description
How to write activity reflections
Final Reflection instructions
If you are a glutton for punishment, you can read the complete IBO CAS Guide here.
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