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2018 Examination Session - Key Information


Get the combined IB and AP exam schedule.
REQUIRED reading for all student test takers, AP and IB - 
What to bring, and not to bring, to exams? Calculator usage ... etc.
IB only: Like last year, students will write their exam responses in the new Answer Booklets instead of the traditional European sized pieces of paper. There are some special requirements associated with the new system, the main part being the manner in which students write their identifying numbers. Please take a moment to review the Answer Booklet Guide. 
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Thank you volunteer proctors; we greatly appreciate your involvement in moving forward the exam session. Click here for the friendly (simplified) proctor instructions.
The International Baccalaureate Organization and College Board require proctors to have access to the complete set of exam instructions. These are lengthy documents (not simplified), and there really is no need to "stress" yourself reading them. There will be a proctor training session where the finer details of exam adminstration are covered. Keep to the simplified instructions.
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